Android Developers Could Win $800,000 with Samsung’s App Challenge

Samsung's App Challenge

If you are an App developer and you love Android, you can win $800,000 in Samsung’s App challenge, recently announced by Won-Pyo-Hong, the President of Samsung Electronics Media Solution Center. Quoting from Mr. Hong:

“The Samsung Smart App Challenge will greatly enhance application choices for GALAXY S4 so users can enjoy a valuable experience.”

There will be a contest, of course, hosted by the Korean company, similar to the one in which developers had to submit apps for Samsung’s Web-TV’s, this time the App contest will be focused on developing an ecosystem for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

For me, it’s obvious that Samsung is trying to catch up with the competition (Apple, cough, cough) by enriching its proprietary software collection.   For many users, the deciding factor when choosing between two equally good smartphones is the App ecosystem and the custom made stuff which makes you feel “special”. Because, let’s be honest, most of the smartphones and gadgets available on the market are basically the same, in terms of hardware, they have the same CPU’s, GPU’s, displays and so on. It’s the little things and the design that give the “consumer” the illusion of choice.

Samsung’s App Challenge will revolve around those apps that are compatible with Samsung’s Group Play service. This is a new feature of the Galaxy S4, dedicated to file sharing between users. Developers must submit the apps using Samsung Chord SDK under the “Smart Chord Apps” category, which basically means Group Play Services. From here, the contest judges will hand pick the best apps and they will reward the developers with cash prizes.

The winners in every category will share the $800,000 total prize pot and they will also have the opportunity to participate to Samsung Venture Investment, from which additional financial benefits may occur.


Source : Korea IT Times


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