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Android Gets the Wall Street Journal Mobile App

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Recently, the Wall Street Journal Mobile app for Android landed on the Android Market. Although it’s a bit late in becoming available as compared to its siblings in the iOS platform, the Wall Street Journal Mobile app for Android is equally usefully and pleasant to use as the app’s other iteration in other platforms. The app provides you with on-the-go access of the Wall Street Journal’s global news coverage, in-depth analysis and real-time quotes. The app features a sleek, beautiful and a bit formal interface. This is understandable since the WSJ caters to the business-oriented Android phone or tablet owners.  The app features the paper’s various sections including Tech, Life and Culture, Business and other sections which you can check anytime you want throughout the day. And if you’re in a hurry to do other task, you can just save WSJ articles to let you read them later on. You can also share news articles with your friends through Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. The app also provides with Photos of the Day, Video Center and Podcasts. Wall Street Journal mobile app for Android is free to install but to read the digital paper you need to subscribe to the digital edition of tWSJ.