ABI Research has predicted that Android will take the lead in tablet sales of the 2013 tablet wars. In the past Apple has lead the way with a comfortable sales margin that that will see a predicted decline of 38%. The PC has seen a remarkable decline in sales as tablets become more and more popular as well as convenient. With Tablet sales expected in the realm of 150 million units this is a profound change in the prolonged tablet wars and represents a dynamic shift in consumers perceptions and use trends. ipad-vs-android-tablet2 With Google’s Android OS looking to take the lead int the tablet wars from Apple’s iOS ABI Research mobile devices senior practice director Jeff Orr confirmed the research results by stating,” The tide is definitely turning toward Android-based tablets.” With this confirmed Jeff Orr also went on to say, “Apple will not slouch as it feels the competition approaching.” With this turn in the tablet wars we can expect to see some aggressive marketing changes from Apple as they attempt to contend with the growing Android popularity. This tablet war news comes to us despite the attempt by Apple to reach into the lower end tablet market by releasing the iPad mini. ABI Research also predicts that Samsung will be leading the sales figures. Orr also stated, “A well-executed Samsung tablet strategy could double the company’s market share this year.” Google’s Android had been predicted to win the tablet wars years ago and this turn of dominance should have been expected by Apple analyst. Android growth and popularity has been increasing since 2010 and is gradually pushing the iPad into the realm of a specialized product. If Apple does not change it’s marketing and pricing tactics to make their product more readily available and obtainable for the masses they risk losing the popular opinion and reinforcing the idea that the iPad is an elitist product. While Apple will struggle with this in the future Android growth will continue as more and more tablets adopt the Google OS. Source- techradar

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