Put one score to Google on this slowly heating up smartphone OS war between Apple and Google as new report from Nielsen show that Google Android OS is now the most popular OS among people who bought a smartphone in the six months. Apple iOS and BlackBerry RIM are slugging it out to take the second spot. Don’t even think that such data does not speak so much about the adoption of the newly released iPhone 4 since it covers one full-month of iPhone 4 availability. So, it pretty much represent a real iPhone 4 sale. The report covers January 2010 to August 2010 smartphone market share. The report revealed that now commands a 32% market share as against 26% and 25% for BlackBerry and iOS respectively. In the overall market share however, RIM still dominates the market with 31% share, while Apple iPhones get 28% and Android devices with 19%. What’s interesting to note here is that given a couple of more months and these new smartphone owners will now become old owners of smartphones. Would this mean that the Google Android OS will overtake both RIM and Apple in the coming months? That will be interesting to find out, supposing that Nielsen would release similar report after six months.

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