android os distributionFor the first time ever, Android Jelly Bean is now the most used among the many flavors of Android OS. Latest data from the Android Developers Blog is showing that for the first time ever, Jelly Bean has surpassed Gingerbread which was previously the most used Android OS.  Android Jelly Bean’s share is not almost 40% while Gingerbread slipped down to 34.1%. Android Ice Cream Sandwich got 23.3%. It’s good to know that Android’s latest OS is now the most used. It only goes to show that Android adoption is pretty smooth sailing and that Google is finally doing something right when it comes to the progression of its mobile platform. Although it took quite awhile before Jelly Bean managed to pull ahead of Gingerbread, in fact, this maybe short lived since Google might be introducing Key Lime Pie soon, it’s still is a good achievement. When it comes to Android version number, looking at the chart, it’s also good to know that most of the Android devices are now running 4.0+. That’s 60% to be exact. For Android developers this is a welcome development since apps and games won’t have to be tailored for different versions anymore. Let’s see how this will all change once Android Key Lime Pie is released soon.

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