Google is about to roll some improvements to the Android Market in the next couple of weeks. These much needed updates are aimed at improving the merchandising of apps, streamlining the browse-to-purchase experience and making it easier for developers to distribute their apps. Since the Android Market was launched, Google has not been giving it that much attention. And given the success that the Android platform has been getting thanks to the gradually improving apps that have been populating it, it’s the right time to introduce the new features. The Android Developers Blog gave us some of these enhancements, including a new carousel on the home and category screen. This would let you quickly flip through the carousel to view promoted apps and then quickly go to the download page to get the apps you want. Another enhancement would be the addition of two new categories for Android widgets and live wallpapers. Apps with widgets and live wallpapers component will be automatically added into these categories. In addition, more categories for popular apps and games will also be added. Also, the app details will also include Related content. With regards to browse-to-purchase experience, you can now access all the information about an application on a single page without needing to navigate across different tabs. When requesting for refund, the Android Market is also extending the refund window to 15 minutes.Finally, app content rating will also be introduced to give you more information about apps that you would be interested in. So there. Another reason to keep on checking the Android Market on your Android phones to see if these updates were already rolled out.

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