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Android Market Now Home to More Than 400,000 Android Apps

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Latest report from Distimo is showing that there are now 400,000 apps available from the Android Market. The huge increase in the number of apps being sold from the market was traced to the increase in free software available. As a point of comparison, the Apple App Store currently has more than 500,000 apps and it’s pretty clear than the Android Market is fast catching up. It’s also worthwhile to note that the App Store has been around longer than the Android Market and Google’s Android app store has taken a shorter time to reach such achievement than it Apple’s App Store did it.  Also as mentioned, the increase in the number of apps in the Android Market was due to the proliferation of free apps. In fact, the Android Market has just became the largest store in the world for free apps. Another significant finding of Distimo’s report is the fact that the Android Market now has almost more than 100,000 app publishers active. Each publishers or developers have published 4.1 apps on average. This is a slight decrease from last year’s five apps average per publisher. It will be pretty interesting how fast the Android Market could catch up or even surpass the number of apps available from the App Store. It seems that more developers are getting more involved with development of Android apps as compared to iOS apps. Let’s see whether trend will continue in 2012.