I’m pretty sure that this feature has not been officially announced by Google. But while I was doing a search on the Android Market website, I noticed something unusual on top of the search results page. I’m pretty sure too that this is something new and was recently added. Anyway, like the iTunes App Store search filters, this one for the Android Market also lets you trim down your search results through several filters – by price, device compatibility and and sort by relevance or popularity. The search filter for price whether you want to view free or paid apps was already previously available as tabs and not part of the search filter bar now located on top of the search results page of the Android Market. Sort by relevance or popularity is similar to the search filters of the iTunes App Store and lets you view apps based on the number of stars received or by its relevance to your search terms.  The device compatibility search filter is something new and quite helpful especially since not all Android apps developed are compatible or supported by all Android phones or Android tablets. But this is applicable only if you have registered two or more Android devices on your Android Market account. All the search filters are pretty much straight forward in terms of providing you with results. These are objective and do not rely on some form of algorithms unlike the sort by relevance. But since the Android Market is a Google Product, you can rest assured that the search results are highly relevant to your search keywords. Overall, this Android Market search filter is a welcome improvement and hopefully the Google Android Market would evolve with more features in the days to come. via [Android Market]

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