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Android Phones Beat iPhone Sales in the U.S., As Worldwide Sales Continue to Soar

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Two interesting report about the state of the mobile phone industry have just been released both showing significant growth in the sales of Android phones. Nielsen’s report on the past quarter’s mobile phone performance shows that sales of Android phones for the last six months have finally overtaken that of the iPhone. While Canalys’ research shows that sales of Android devices from a range of handset vendors are quite significant, growing to an impressive 886% in Q2 2010. Did those findings shock you a bit or not? Actually, recent news items on both Android phones and the iPhone, particularly the bad publicity that the iPhone 4 have been getting may have spilled the beans when it comes to the said findings of the two reports. But first let’s take a look at the specific sets of data findings of both Nielsen and Canalys. According to the Nielsen report, Android phone accounted for 27% of U.S. smartphone sales while Apple only got 23%. Although RIM still tops the three, its performance is however on the down slope.  And this is just for the U.S. smartphone market. Canalys research report even prove this point with its US market share of Android phone in Q2 2010 accounting for 34%. This is an 851% growth rate from the previous quarter. Any ideas on what caused Android phones to soar pass iPhone sales in the last quarter? I can’t help but think about the bad implications of the release of the iPhone 4 which is caused by its reception problem. This is heightened by the fact that Android phones are being released by several manufacturers and carriers in the U.S. one after another. One thing going for iPhone though is the fact that according to Nielsen, when it comes to satisfaction among smartphone owners, iPhone users are still the most satisfied with their units. But I’m pretty sure, this won’t be for long especially if  Apple won’t address the issues faced by the iPhone 4 – antenna problem and shortage of supply.  As for Android, it’s just a matter of time before the platform matures and manufacturers finally come out with something that would really rival the iPhone in all aspects or perhaps even surpass it.