Android Phones Get the N64oid N64 Emulator

Have you used any of the game emulators in the Android Market?  In case you’re not aware, there are several Android apps available which serve as emulators for various console ROMs that let you play classic console games from the classic Playstation, NES, SNES Genesis and others – right in the comforts of your Android phone. These ROMs are transformed into a mobile phone friendly format and behaves like a native Android game. A good example of these emulators is the new app called N64oid. N64oid Android app as  you may have guessed immediately is an emulator for N64 ROMs. Yes, dear folks – you can now play the classic N64 games on your Android phone using N64oid. Just get the said Android app running on your Android phone and you can start playing classic N4 games such as Zelda, the Mario Bros. and more. The games play pretty well at fast framerates, especially if you’re using those advanced Android phones, including the Google Nexus S, Nexus One, Samsung Galaxy S and more. The Android app runs most N64 games at decent speeds, lets you save/load games, and gives you a configurable, translucent on-screen keypad. In addition, you can also use the G-sensor as your analog stick. That way, you’ll get almost the same feeling as playing games on the old N64 console. N64oid is available now from the Android Market for $5.99. Hopefully, the developer will come out with a free, lite version so that we can test it out before actually purchasing the app.

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