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Android to Become the No.1 Mobile OS in 2014, Says Gartner

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At the rate the mobile phone manufacturers are coming out with their respective Android smartphones, it’s not surprising that several industry analyst are now forecasting that Google’s smartphone OS will soon overtake the current industry leaders such as RIM and iOS. Gartner is the latest analyst who made an interesting forecast about Android OS, saying that it will become the no.2 mobile OS by 2010 before finally conquering the no. 1 spot after  2014. Symbian is currently the industry leader with 40.1% market share. Android and RIM are at distant 2nd and 3rd spot with 17.7% and 17.1% market share respectively. iOS on the other hand is at the no. 4 spot with 15.4%. By 2011, Gartner is predicting that Android’s market share be at around 22.2% to overtake RIM which will get 15% of the market share by then. Symbian’s share would have also decreased by then to around 34.2%. Gartner’s figures become more interesting by 2014 as Android is predicted to get 29.6% of the mobile OS market. By that time, it will now stand closer to Symbian’s market share which is predicted to be around 30.2% only. And with that difference, it won’t be surprising then that Android will overtake Symbian. Interestingly, Gartner made a similar prediction last year. But back then its prediction was not as immediate as 2010 and 2014. According to Gartner, the major reason for Android’s market assault has to be the continued support that Android is getting from smartphone manufacturers. And I couldn’t agree more plus this is being complimented by the slew of Android apps that are sprouting out like mushrooms in the Android Market. Credit that to the fact that Android is an open-source platform and that makes it easier for manufacturers to develop their own Android-powered phones. So there. What can you say about Gartner’s prediction? Do you agree that Android will become the no.2 mobile OS by  2011 and eventually the no.1 after 2014? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments.