Android Trojan Found by Kaspersky, Bad like Jesse James

Android Trojan Kaspersky Labs, the well known antivirus software maker, recently announced the discovery of a very tricky Android Trojan, a malware codenamed Obama Obad. Obad stands for Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad and it is the most sophisticated, complex and tricksy bastard we have ever seen yet. With the advancements in mobile technology, now the smart phones have the same processing power and the same operating systems regular personal computers used to have. So, they are starting to replace the good ol’PC in our daily lives, we are using them for everything, from shopping online to paying our bills via our online bank accounts. Hence, hackers started targeting our mobile devices in order to put their greedy little hands on our private data, just like the government does. Android Trojan Enters Obad, which resembles more a regular PC virus than a dumb, lame typical Android Trojan malware. It is very complex and once you have it installed on your smart phone or tablet, it is a very difficult job to get rid of it. The Android Trojan works by exploiting a vulnerability in the software, it tries to achieve Admin privileges on your smart device and if successful, you will never know what hit you. He becomes invulnerable to uninstall and it he is also invisible in your Apps list, the probability is that you will never know you are bugged. Sometimes, Obad is able to block your your smart phone’s screen for a few seconds, while he’s having his evil ways with your machine. And the Android Trojan is capable of doing lots of things with your precious, like connecting to various internet addresses, pinging servers, turning your device intro a proxy server used for, random example, spam or BotNet, you name it. It does all these by using your internet connection, of course. But Obad is capable of receiving commands via SMS if you’re not online all the time, he can also make calls and send short messages at premium numbers, downloading and installing all kinds of stuff on your phone,so, long story short, once installed on your smartphone, Obad is the master. The good news is that it was discovered by the good people from Kaspersky and it is detectable, if you have antivirus software installed on your machine. Source : Securelist

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