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Angry Birds for Android Goes Out of Beta

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I just got an email notification from Rovio announcing that the full version of Angry Birds, which was previously available in beta version is now available in full release. According to Rovio, Angry Birds will be available for free, unlike the iPhone version which is available for $0.99. Why free? Because Rovio wants to make the game available for as many people as possible. While the game maybe free, when it comes to in-app ads though, unfortunately it is not. But Rovio promises to release an update that will give users an option to purchase the ad-free version. If you failed to try out the beta version, well you missed one of most beautiful games that ever came out for the Android. The good news is, you can supposedly download the app right now from “” Unfortunately I can’t seem to get my phone to download the app. I keep on getting an error message that says the page is unavailable. You won’t find it either from the Android Market yet. Rovio said this will be available pretty soon. As to when? We really have no idea. Anybody more successful than getting the app from the getjar site? Please leave a comment if you do. We would like to know how you find the game on your Android phone so far.