I’ll admit I am a huge Angry Birds fan. I love the games, and have played all the versions as they come out. I was a little surprised this morning when I saw a tweet from NASA (I like space too), regarding my favorite game… Via Nasa’s Twitter page –  “Is that a space shuttle in @RovioMobile’s new trailer for Angry Birds Seasons? http://bit.ly/hMN1Xu A hint of things to come? Hmmm…” Hmmmm, indeed. After watching the very cool and ominous  new trailer, it certainly seems as if something may be in the works. It’s shaping up to be a big year for Angry Birds & Rovio. They released Angry Birds Rio last month, gave us the Easter levels a few days ago, and now we have this awesome teaser trailer. What do you think….are they pulling our leg, or will we see a space themed edition in the near future?   EDIT – Almost a year later, and the game is actually out. Looks like somebody called this one pretty far in advance or maybe I’m just psychic who knows. Either way, it’s an awesome game and you can check out our full review of Angry Birds Space on our sister site Android-Games.com NASA’s twitter page

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