Animated Video Production – Three Reasons to Use It in Your Ads


Animated video production is a fairly universal format for most companies wanting to advertise their products or services. The usual production videos with the participation of actors are expensive and difficult to produce. Some video reporting are not always possible to produce in a small office. In this case, just pay attention to the animated video production though it’s the best way to represent your product or company.

Varieties of animated videos

Animated videos have two variants of its production.

  • An animated video made of ready-made graphics materials or footage. Materials for its making are either provided by the customer or taken from open sources on the Internet. Only a motion designer is involved in the creation. These videos are usually the cheapest ones.
  • Authorized animated video production is the way of characters and background painted – by animation artists. Then the motion designer works with them, animating these objects. Such videos are more expensive due to the artist’s work, but they are also unique products. You can get such kind of videos at the Animation Company.

When Do You Need Animated Videos

Do you know why do you need exactly an animated video production?

Saving money on video advertising is the first reason. The cost of shooting the animated videos is cheaper than the full-length video with the involvement of actors and staging scenery.

The advertised object is intangible. The second reason is more significant. Not every business produces any visualized goods or has impressive trade pavilions or websites that are easy to present. Such causes are the common ones to intelligence services, Internet services, multimedia services, start-ups, small industries. Animation allows you to visualize what you need to convey to the target audience.

The style of a company or a brand is closely related to the animation. This is not a common case, but it happens. The company can use the animation style in everything, ranging from the design of posts in social media to product labeling. In this case, the animated video production fits into the overall concept of the company or brand excellently.

Animation video is a great choice for any company. In some cases, it allows you to save a lot, in others – to stand out and emphasize your style.

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