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Animoca releases Pizza Picasso for Android

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Android games that let you make food have become quite popular, and there’s a new one out called Pizza Picasso from Animoca that puts you in charge of making pizzas. There are no goals, time limits and there’s really no point to the game except to make pizzas in almost every conceivable way.


When you first fire up Pizza Picasso you’re presented with a screen with “locked” ingredients; one comes unlocked or “stored” and you can select that pack to get started. You basically pick ingredients from an unlocked pack then slice & dice them (when applicable) before moving to the dough. You stretch the dough with your fingers by pulling outwards around the edge of the pizza, after that you’ll spread pizza sauce by “painting” it on with your finger. When you’re done adding sauce you can add additional toppings if you’ve unlocked any extras, then it’s off to the oven for a quick bake. Once you’re pizza is done you can share it, email it or take a picture. That’s basically it, as mentioned there is no real point to the game/app other than to make pizzas. There are quite a few “topping packs” that can be unlocked with pizza coins, but you can’t earn any pizza coins during gameplay which is honestly pretty damned ridiculous. You can buy them or complete offers/download games via Tapjoy to get them, but you won’t get them from any action you perform in the game.


I’m not going to knock people for the types of game or apps they enjoy, like they say “different strokes for different folks”, but Pizza Picasso is definitely not my cup of tea. The graphics have a cool style and the way you make the pizzas is simple, but the fact you have to get ingredients through completing offers or buying coins killed any reason I had for possibly liking this game. I love pizza just as much as anyone, but Pizza Picasso is one style of dish I’m going to pass on. If you want to give it a go, you can pick up Pizza Picasso for free on Google Play.