Apple stands to lose tablet market dominance

appleloss2 Apple, the pioneer of the modern day tablet movement stands to lose its majority market dominance in the tablet arena very soon. This is disastrous for apple after its recent loss of the smartphone market majority. As Android powered devices gain popularity and momentum, Apple is staring at a bleak future as iPad sales are expected to plummet. An analyst from IDC, Sameer Singh, stated that Apple overall market share will start to shrink as iPad sale dwindle. appleloss IDC statistics are reported to show a drop from 60 to 40 percent for Apple’s worldwide market share. So far this year Apple has outsold Android devices by a difference of 8.3 million. This is not a very large margin at all considering that Android has been seeing an average of 1 million new users daily. A reason for the expected drop in Apple sales is that the company has not created or released a truly ground breaking innovation and is not expected to until sometime in 2014. Most consumers will not be able to tell you the major technological differences between the iterations of iPhones or iPads. Apples tendency to release updated versions of the same products is no longer meeting the needs and expectations of their customers. According to Singh we can expect to see Apple iPad sales drop from its current 27.8 million to around 17 million by the end of the second quarter. This decline in iPad sales for Apple will effectively push them below the 40 percent market share mark and see Android tablets take their first lead in the tablet wars. Apple does not need to stay in the lead to survive but they will need some type of new innovation to stay afloat. While Apple struggles to maintain it’s place among the Tablet giants the Android OS will see exponential growth and advancement while its major rival takes a back seat. Source- venturebeat

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