Archos Chefpad revealed, an Android table for chefs and cooking enthusiasts

archos chefpad We’ve always known Archos as the dark horse when it comes to manufacturing Android tablets or even Android smartphones. The company has consistently came out with several feature-pack Android devices and yet, most of them never seem to become overwhelmingly successful in the market. That’s probably because of the saturated Android hardware markets which is making it difficult for Archos to penetrate and make a mark. But, with the just announced Chefpad Android tablet, Archos might just finally make it given the unique market segment that it is targeting. The Archos Chefpad, if you can guess from its name, is a new Android tablet geared for the cooking enthusiast. Despite its special purpose which is mainly as a cooking assistant, the Chefpad is a pretty decent Android tablet still. It is packed with a dual-core 1.6 GHz quad-core processor, quad-core graphics, 2MP front and back camera, expandable microSD slot, 1080p video playback and a 9.7-inch screen display. Running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the Chefpad is also loaded with Chef  Apps which is a nifty assistant for filtering through thousands of apps to give you the best recipe, drinks, shopping, cooking TV and other cooking related apps. The Chefpad also features a silicone case which doubles up as an adjustable stand for best viewing while you are cooking. With an SRP of $209.99, the Chefpad seems like a pretty good Android tablet to consider buying despite the fact that its processor and RAM may not be too impressive as compared with high-end tablets available in the market today. But  at that price point, it’s still a good deal especially if you find yourself using a tablet while doing your kitchen duties. Mother’s Day may be over, but nothing prevents you from gifting your mother the Chefpad come June when it becomes available. Via [Intomobile]

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