Are Hardware Makers Doing Enough To Keep Android Phones Secure?

Android phones have the biggest market share in the smartphone market and are extremely popular. In fact, while Apple’s iOS system still has more premium app subscribers, Android far outpaces it with volume.

What about the rest? This is not the case with a single mobile manufacturer. Almost all of them are facing this situation. Google is yet to bring all the mobile manufacturing companies together for a synchronized mobile up-gradation plan. With the increase in cheap mobile manufacturing companies. These issues are predicted to increase manifold. Manufacturers don’t make such phones up-gradable. So, the users’ data is even more prone. In fact, even if you play online games like Mohega sun, you might have third party apps tracking your every movement.

In spite of it all, the security threats continue to loom over Android phones, owing to their open source nature. It’s not just as secure as the Apple ecosystem, as many experts would like us to believe.

The question then is, how safe are our Android phones? And should we continue using it?

Recently, a survey conducted by WhiteHat Application Security Statistics Report revealed that over a quarter of mobile android apps tested were vulnerable to hackers. There are several security issues that manufacturers have failed to take note of yet. In fact, with every security launch, they claim of upgrading the privacy and security features but when cross-examined, it was found that they were not true.

No matter how reputed the company is, they simply don’t invest time and resources in addressing security patches. A user is unable to differentiate between the two. These serious security flaws and subsequent breaches make users’ data vulnerable to the hackers. Just for example, when you will check the default setting of “allow backup”, it is set to true.

How to Know If You Too are a Victim

How safe is your android app?

Now, you have to be a pro to detect this. Most of the users don’t even know that this feature exists. And, their contacts and all the phone data are susceptible to get hacked. Despite this issue being raised, the manufacturers have done little to avert such threats.

Another major issue that manufacturers raise is that they customize the operating system for their different models. It means that an Android version gets about 50-60 customized variations. Such differences are bound to leave some loopholes which cannot be always discovered by the bug hunters.

A recent Google data revealed that the annual patching rate now stands at 50% which is far from being sufficient for data protection. Manufacturers fail to provide operating system updates on time. It is really shocking to note that only 60% users of Samsung mobiles received updates in 2016!

So, How Safe Are Android Phones Today?

The security threat that looms over private data gets even more aggravated by the lenient attitude of the mobile manufacturers. To be honest, we must admit that the situation has improved in last two years, yet much needs to be done. We need a secure system where we don’t really have to worry about our data being safe.

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