As Smartphone Sales Grow, Android Becomes the No. 2 Mobile OS

The smartphone business is definitely booming. This was revealed by the recent Gartner survey covering the sales not only of smartphones but also of the whole mobile phone sales worldwide for the 3rd quarter of 2010. Comparing it with last year’s total figures, total smartphone sales for Q3 2010 totalled to – 81 million. This consist of product sales with various operating systems. And guess who seems to be raking in significant numbers? None other than the Android OS. Sales of Android phones accounted for 25.5% worlwide. This is a huge leap from previous year’s sales of Android phones which was a mere 3.5% of the market. With that, the Android OS is now the number two most popular smartphone OS, next to Symbian, which incidentally is predominantly Nokia smartphones. Nokia remains to be a popular choice of smartphone OS for most countries other than the U.S. Android OS was predominantly popular in North America and is yet to conquer other parts of the world. Apple’s iOS is at the number 3 spot with 16.7% market share, followed by RIM ¬†with 14.8. Both Apple and RIM suffered a decrease in their respective share of the smartphone market. It would be pretty interesting to find out how the smartphone market would behave at the close of the fourth quarter. Would these figures change with the entry of Windows Phone 7? Will significant changes happen especially with the availability of other smartphones from all manufacturers? Your take?

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