The Asus Transformer Prime tablet is undoubtedly a popular tablet gaining a lot of media coverage for some good and bad things.  On the positive side, it is the first Android tablet boasting the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor and it comes with a unique docking capability to transform into a portable and powerful netbook.  On the negative side, it came with a locked bootloader (which disappointed many users hoping to run custom ROMs) and some users are experiencing GPS issues due to the aluminum body casing interfering with the GPS signal. According to a post on Asus’ Facebook account, Asus chose to implement a locked bootloader in order to run Google’s Video rental service which is protected by DRM.  However, Asus recognizes the large “modding community” who ultimately want a power Android tablet that can run custom ROMs, so Asus will release a tool to unlock the bootloader in the coming weeks. In terms of GPS, the problem stems from a hardware issue and not software, so a simple software patch won’t be able to resolve the problem.  However, Asus claims the Transformer Prime was never designed as a “professional GPS” and the GPS information will be removed from marketing material since the presence of GPS is more of a novelty feature than a practical one. And last but certainly not least, Asus will roll out an update to bring the Transformer Prime from Android Honeycomb to Android Ice Cream Sandwich on January 12, 2012.  If you already own the Transformer Prime, then this information comes as great news.  If you’re on the fence about purchasing the tablet, then this should help make the decision a little bit easier as you can tell Asus is highly committed to the Transformer Prime.

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