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Asus P1801-T tablet makes an appearance at FCC

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A latest classification from the Federal Communication Commission implies that Asus might be gearing up to release another tablet dubbed Asus P1801-T. The Asus P1801-T is a rather unusual sized tablet with a massive size of 18 inches, and is rumored to be ready for launch in 2013. The filing at Federal Communication Commission suggests that it definitely exists and is a separate device. Previously it was rumored to be associated with Asus’s other tablet brand. Although the details are still not solid enough to declare final, the model number Asus P1801-T suspiciously resembles an 18 inch device. Asus has a 12 inch tabled called Eee Slate EP121 and a 7 inch Nexus 7 made for Google currently on market. The Nexus 7 has gained immense popularity due to its top of the line specs and relatively lower price. Engadget is suggesting that the Asus P1801-T might be the final retail version of the Asus Transformer AiO which was last seen in 2012 at Computex. This is a possibility as we have not heard about the device ever since its debut. The Transformer AiO was designed to be able to run two operating systems, Android and Windows RT/ Windows 8. Asus at Computex also stated that the tablet portion of the device will become a wireless display for the AiO PC; this makes the base of the Transformer AiO able to run a full operating system like Windows 8. Apart from the FCC listing the illusive device also showed up on GLBenchmark and revealed some of the specs. According to the GLBenchmarking report the Asus P1081-T will run Android 4.1.1 and will be powered by a Cortex A-9 processor. Also the screen will have a resolution of 1920 x 1032 pixels. Of course we won’t be able to have full information until Asus decides to include us in the secret, but with CES 2013 just around the corner we have our hopes up. Source: Engadget