ASUS Transformer Pad 300 Coming to a Store near You Tomorrow… maybe?

For the past few weeks there’s been talk about ASUS’s new line of Tablets, mainly the Transformer Pad 300 which is supposed to drop tomorrow. Well, as someone who’s planning on picking up the tablet it’s become quite apparent that something’s not right with the new tab as it’s nowhere to be found. Articles started popping up all over the net late last week about pre-orders for the 300t, and sure enough it was available on Amazon, Office Depot, and another online retailer who shall remain nameless… because I forgot their name. Well, within an hour the Transformer Pad 300 was gone from Amazon and hasn’t been back since. There are some sellers that have it available for an inflated price, but Amazon “seems” to be out. The same thing goes for Office Depot; their tablets were up for a little longer, but are no longer available as you can see by the screenshot above. It’s the same all around the web which is quite odd being as this isn’t a small clunky tablet, and I expect the tablet to sell very well if you can’t actually find one. I actually called a few stores locally and either they’re playing dumb (maybe not playing lol) or they actually don’t have any headed their way. When I called up Best Buy they acted like they’ve never heard of ASUS much less knew a new tablet was coming, and another store said it would be next weekend before they “expected” to get any in. You will find a few at smaller retailers online, but you’re going to get poked by a little price gouging if you go that route early on.

So what’s the dealio? I didn’t expect trumpets and parades for the TF300, but I did expect someone to actually have it available or at least know something. It seems as if the Galaxy S3 news this week has pushed the 300 into the background, but there “should” be something coming out about it this evening or early tomorrow. I wasn’t following ASUS’s last two tablet releases, but heard there were a lot of issues with folks actually being able to find and purchase the tablet. You would think ASUS would know that the 300 will sell out and ship it bigger numbers, but who knows. Either way, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out and what fans thing of the new tablet when it actually arrives. Are you planning on picking up the ASUS Transformer Pad 300 early or waiting until the reviews roll in before making a decision?   EDIT – Before I could even get this posted around 4-5 new retailers have popped up with the TF300T for sale. The prices range wildly from $399 for the 32 gig up to a whopping $700+ for the exact same model. Gotta love price gouging’…

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