I loved Atari in the 80s, and even loved the Atari Force comic back in the day that I’m sure few, if any of you remember. Atari took a shot at Android last year with Atari’s Greatest Hits, and it’s received less than stellar reviews. Well, they’re back with something new called Centipede Origins and it definitely isn’t the Centipede you grew up with. Centipede Origins is “inspired” by the classic Centipede which means you’re in for something totally new. You are a Gnome… a Gnome that loves his little garden, but unfortunately you’ve come under attack by a horrible, relentless swarm of Centipedes. You’ll have to defend your garden against these nasty buggers and as you might expect you’ll get plenty of tools to get the job done. Your Gnome can use grenades, fly traps, and rapid fire weapons to take out his foe, and can even access the powers of space and time with a time warp if need be. You may have not known that Gnomes were masters of time, but we’ve always suspected that so I’m very surprised. I’m not sure how deep the game is yet, but they do say that there are 4 playable levels including a Tarpit and the Valley of Flowers among others.


I haven’t checked this one out yet, but it looks very interesting to say the least. It just came out today so there are no market comments at the time of this writing so it looks like I’ll be picking this one up later for a test drive as curiosity usually gets the best of me… and my wallet. There is no free version available at this time, but if you want to give it a go you can pick up Atari’s Centipede Origins for $0.99 on Google Play.

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