Android phone users who have account with AT&T now has a new payment option when buying Android apps from the Android Market. Google has just added the AT&T Direct Carrier Billing for Android users on the AT&T network. This makes it easier to purchase Android Apps from the Market. The new payment option will let you charge your apps purchases to your AT&T monthly accounts. And you can do that in just few clicks. The payment option adds up to another new feature of the Android Market – app discovery as well as the carrier-backed frictionless payment method. These features will of course be carried to the next version of the Android OS – 2.3 Gingerbread which is set to become available anytime now. Google is also looking for partnership with other mobile carriers to make similar arrangement as AT&T’s direct billing system. For our dear readers who are on AT&T service plans, will you use this payment option when buying apps from the Android Market? And for those who are not under AT&T contracts, do you think this payment option will catapult the Android Market into the level of stability that the Apple App Store has reached?

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