Despite a recent rumor and image leak claiming that AT&T was going to launch a Samsung Galaxy S II in the form factor of a slider, recent evidence suggests it will be a generic Galaxy S II. According to another leaked image, AT&T is simply going to launch the Galaxy S II in the normal form that we have already seen — essentially it will be a touch screen device with no slider keyboard.  So, what was the recently leaked image we saw?  BGR’s trusted source revealed that the Samsung device with the Slider QWERTY keyboard will, indeed, launch, but not under the Galaxy S brand.
To recap, AT&T is expected to launch a touch screen Galaxy S II smartphone sometime in the near future, and the carrier is also expected to launch a Slider smartphone also from Samsung, with powerful high-end specs just under the mark of the Galaxy S II.  No matter your personal preference of smartphones, AT&T is sure to make you happy in just a few short weeks.

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