Audi uses app development to advertise vehicle features

Audi German luxury auto company Audi has developed an app for mobile devices. Audi’s new mobile creation has been named Audi Start-Stop and has been designed to help manage your running apps. We often find ourselves wondering why our phones and tablets have slowed down to a crawl to discover that we have almost every app we own running in the background. Audi Start-Stop functions by monitoring the applications that you have running and informing you when any of these apps become stagnant from not being used. The Audi Start-Stop app will notify you by presenting a list of the apps that are not in use and give you the option to close them. audi-start-stop A little more control over our running apps is always helpful but the Audi Start-Stop app is not a unique development and it concept can be found elsewhere. This being said we can look a little closer at the application to discover that the release of the Audi Start-Stop app is actually a marketing ploy to advertise the Start-Stop technology in Audi vehicles.  Audi has developed a function in their vehicles that will stop and start the engine depending on how it is being driven. This new Audi tech is an attempt to conserve fuel for consumers. Much like their cars the Audi Start-Stop app is designed to conserve power for Android users. Audi is not making a serious move to start developing apps and we should view this interesting turn of events as a marketing experiment on Audi’s part. If Audi’s numbers are impacted in the slightest by this use of apps as advertisement we can expect to start seeing more of this type of marketing from all types of companies. Source- theverge

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