Bald Bean Games releases Pandoodle for Android

You might not be familiar with Bald Bean Games, but you’ll definitely remember their name after you play Pandoodle. This addictive little Android game puts you to work solving puzzles with colors which is much trickier than it sounds. Pandoodle is a game about inky little puzzles Pandas. Each level has a paw-print with a set amount of ink and one or more colored objects. Your job is to draw a line from the paw-print to the object of the same color using as little ink as possible. Sounds easy huh? Well it is at first, but things change quickly when you start having to mix colors. The levels are in ‘books’ and while the Panda’s doodle book has you mixing, the Egyptian cat’s doodle book puts mirrors into play which is a real game changer. There’s a wolf book as well, but I haven’t gotten that far so I’m not sure what kind of surprises await you there. I only played through a dozen or so levels in Pandoodle, but it was enough to get its hooks in me. I really enjoyed the way you go about completing the inky puzzles, and the latter levels really require you to think if you’re going for the 3-star finish. There’s a 20 level free version of the game you can check out while the full version will only set you back a buck.  Both version’s of Bald Bean Games Pandoodle are available to download on Google Play. Pandoodle Bald Bean Games

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