Barnes and Noble has officially announced their latest e-reader running on Android and in full color display. As previously rumored, the ereader is now in full color display with full touchscreen features. B&N is touting the Nook Color as the first touchscreen device dedicated for reading electronic publications – books, magazines and newspapers. Obviously, B&N is eyeing to get a piece of the Apple’s iBookstore market and the whole of Amazon Kindle’s market.
Being a full-color ereader device, Barnes & Noble certainly one-upped Amazon which remain steadfast in maintaining the e-ink feature of the Amazon Kindle. A good move on B&N since Amazon has already captured that area, so might as well introduce something new. But then again, there’s Apple’s iBookstore and the iPad. Luckily, Apple is still having a hard time convincing users that reading ebooks in full color display is much better than reading on the Kindle’s e-ink display. So, B&N’s Nook Color might just finally convince readers to transition to full-color ebook reading.
But that remains to be seen. In the meantime, let’s take a look at what Nook Color has to offer. Full color display via a 7-inch VividView touchsreen technology, more than 20 million books, magazines and newspapers in full color, interactive ebook reading experience for kids via Alive Touch technology, built-in Wifi, social sharing features via NookFriends, and more.
Under the hood, Nook Color boasts of 16 million colors via IPS at 1024×600 high resolution display, expandable storage via microSD card, media player, up to 8 hours battery life, and Nook Extras such as Crossword Puzzles, photo gallery, and Pandora Radio.
By and large, Barnes & Noble seemed to have done it right this time. Now it’s up to us consumers to decide whether we’d go for the multi-functional iPad, perfect-for-reading Amazon Kindle or the half-baked iPad and half-baked Kindle – Nook Color. If you’ll go for Nook Color, better order it now for $249 to beat the November 19 shipping date.

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