fishing.paradise-androidFishing games are a natural fit for touchscreen devices, and we got a new one a few days ago with Fishing Paradise 3D from Bass Professor. Does the “Bass Professor” truly know his stuff or is Fishing Paradise just another boring fishing game? fishing.paradise.3d-2 Fishing Paradise 3D lets you gear up and hit the water to fish in 14 beautiful locations from around the world. I would normally substitute another word with “beautiful” when a developer uses it to describe their own case, but the words are fitting for a game like Fishing Paradise 3D. The lakes certainly are beautiful, and you can even build your own little fishery in your free time when you’re not fishing. It’s a nice touch, and a great way to break things up as you’ll spend most of your time fishing, but will also have to build cricket pens, and can even breed your favorite species of fish. Thrown in 3 levels of tournaments per location and you’ve got a fishing game with quite a bit of depth. Fishing Paradise 3D is definitely one of the slickest fishing games we’ve seen, and it’s easy to play so kids and adults can both enjoy the game. That doesn’t mean the game is perfect though as the loading times can be lengthy and so far it hasn’t taken much skill to catch a fish. We will give you a full breakdown of the Bass Professors Fishing Paradise 3D next week, until then we highly advise you to check it out for yourself. You can pick up Fishing Paradise 3D for free on Google Play.

Fishing Paradise 3D

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