Battery Issues Beware! Google and Kickstarter Are On The Way

google.batteryWe have all been there. That critical moment when your mobile device is supposed to be your best friend but decides that your earth shattering issues are not as important as its need to rest and recharge. Battery problems are the bane of any mobile device and can cripple you at the most inconvenient time. Help is on the horizon in the form of a new patent for Google and new technology funded by Kickstarter. Google has obtained a patent for “Advanced Display Settings.” The crucial part of this patent is that it is focused on battery life. This means that Google has developed a series of protocols that automatically adjust your screen settings based on your battery needs. We are not just talking about adjusting the brightness with this patent. The new protocols that Google intends to implement are intended to automatically adjust the power distribution to your screen based on battery needs. The three different operating modes are designed to manipulate your OLED screen to maximize your battery life. The first mode will disable your animations and blur effects, the second will lower your resolution, and the third will restrict your color output to black and red (the most power conservative display colors). These are progressive “step down” operation modes that are designed to keep your mobile device running as long as possible. Google is on to something here, It benefits the users and Google to keep mobile devices active and online for as long as possible. Kickstarter has taken a more direct approach by funding a new portable technology that we can carry with us along with our credit cards. Last year we talked about the ChargeCard which has nothing to do with banking or credit and is meant to be carried in your wallet. The credit card sized portable USB charger is meant to be a last ditch that you can plug into an available USB port to charge and keep your mobile device alive during crucial moments. The ChargeCard plugs into as USB port then into your phone to charge on the go. The appeal of the Kickstarter is that we can essentially carry it with us at all times because it lacks bulky pieces and it does not make a noticeable addition to our pocket contents. The Kickstarter will be made available for Apple products and Android mobiles. Pre-orders for the charge card are being offered through sourcelink for $25 and will likely hit shelves in May. Source – Phonearena

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