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Battle and Build in Lava Spark’s Battle Bunnies for Android

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battle.bunnies-androidYou may not know the name Lava Spark, but you’ll surely remember it after you get a hold of Battle Bunnies. It’s part city building game, part turn-based battler, and it’s full of quirky battling bunnies.battle.bunnies-1 Battle Bunnies takes place after a massive World War that leaves all the humans extinct. Rabbits have taken over the world through their baby making skills along with a little help from some toxic waste. As with any society, there are some bad bunnies and your job is to build a city from the ground up and fight back against the treacherous rabbits. You’ll get to build all sorts of things in the world of Battle Bunnies and while some of them will cost you “premium currency” so far it’s been easy to earn in the game. Building’s just half the game though as there are over 300 turn-based battles to take on and if that gets old you can get in on some PvP action. The battles are simulated, but you can target specific enemies when they are in groups which is nice. Whether you’re harvesting corn, building shipyards or battling bionic bunnies there’s plenty to do in the world of Battle Bunnies. I’ve really only scratched the surface of the game, but I’ve not hit any paywall’s and the timers have been tolerable so far. It’s definitely not your typical city building sim, but it is a game you’ll want to check out. If you’re ready to battle and build, you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Lava Spark’s Battle Bunnies for free.

Battle Bunnies