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Battle for Baseball Supremacy with Big Win MLB for Android

by On you play sports-based card games, then you’ve probably played one of Hothead Games Big Win titles. Big Win MLB is the latest sports game from the group, and it’s also the first game to use actual players and teams instead of computer generated Big Win MLB lets you step onto the diamond with over 750 real players from the 2013 baseball season. The players on the field are still cartoony, but you’ll get their likenesses on cards along with their names and positions. The gameplay stays the same for the most part, and there are several modes of play with Friends, Events, and Pennant modes. Pennant mode gives you the ability to earn a lot of “Big Bucks”, so that’s probably where you’ll spend most of your time. The competition is pretty soft at the moment so if you’re into sports sims you’ll probably want to get in there and whip up some of the rookies while you can. If you’ve enjoyed any of the other Big Win games there’s no doubt you’ll dig Big Win MLB. The use of real players makes a huge difference in the fantasy department although buying packs of cards can kill that buzz quickly depending on your luck. I’m still not sure how the IAP setup will shake out in regards to building a team for free, but well cover that in our full review next week. You can pick up Hothead Games Big Win MLB for free on Google Play.

Big Win MLB