Battle with Wizards in Coke and Codes Wizards of Yore for Android

Wizards.of.Yore-AndroidLegends of Yore has been a fan favorite since it was released, and last week Coke and Code released another cool retro game called Wizards of Yore. If you’re thinking it’s a sequel to Yore or just another Rougelike game… think again.wizards.of.yore-1 Wizards of Yore is just as pixely as Legends, but there’s no dungeon crawling or adventuring in the game. It’s actually a chess game of sorts where you’ll control a Wizard and battle against other wizards on a chess board. The gameplay is simple, but clever and pretty damned tricky as each Wizard can attack and summon minions. The match is won when all your opponents are defeated or your Wizard is dead, and games can be over in a heartbeat if you’re not careful. Wizards of Yore is a cool little game that’s a lot of fun, although I do wish it had a bit more depth. That being said, the game is in ‘active development’ so there’s a good chance we’ll see more content if people dig the game. The free version gives you 50 plays and one Wizard to use while the full version gives you unlimited gameplay along with the ability to play as all four Wizards for only $1.52. Both versions of Coke and Code’s Wizards of Yore are available to download on Google Play. Wizards of Yore

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