The BBC’s iPlayer Android application required Adobe’s Flash player app to be installed before it could stream previously shown BBC programs to your Android device. However once Adobe discontinued the Flash Player, it meant anyone who didn’t already have Adobe Flash installed on their smartphone or tablet, couldn’t download and install it. Likewise any one on the latest version of Android – Android Jelly Bean 4.1, can not download the Flash Player app. The BBC have responded to this by releasing the BBC Media Player. Unlike the BBC iPlayer which required Adobe Flash to run, the BBC Media Player does not require the app to stream programs shown on BBC channels to your Android device. Like the BBC iPlayer, the BBC Media Player app is free to download and is available to those in the UK. It has currently only been revised once and stands at version 1.0.1. Unfortunately the reviews of the app aren’t favourable with the average rating score decreasing daily. Currently the average score for the app stands at 2.1 with users saying it doesn’t work consistently and the video quality is poor. However, with having to rebuild the streaming app from the ground up without the use of the Adobe Flash Player, there’s bound to be some hiccups and the BBC are likely to keep improving the app to get it to the same quality of their original BBC iPlayer streaming Android app and perhaps even better it. For those who do have the Adobe Flash player app installed, the BBC iPlayer is still available to download on the Google Play Store for now.

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