Following the growing popularity of their mobile apps for iPhone and iPad, BBC has released the Android version of its BBC News App. The BBC News App is currently available now as a free download from the UK Android Market and an international version is said to be coming in pretty soon. Just like its iOS counterpart, BBC News for Android gives you UK and international news, business, politics, health, education, science and environment, technology and entertainment stories. The app also provides you with correspondent features and analysis. When it comes to the design and interface, the BBC News Android app sports almost the same interface as its iOS counterpart. The predominantly red them of the app was maintained in the Android version and the app has a responsive scroll functionality which lets you efficiently browse the content. You can also reveal article in full-screen as well as view in-story video by a simple tap gesture. To move between stories, you simply need to swipe sideways. Additionally, BBC News for Android also allows you to share stories via social networks, email, or SMS.  You will also be delighted to know that the app rapidly refreshes BBC News stories to give you the latest and most breaking news “ticker.’ And if you don’t like the default setup of the app, you can always do some neat personalization tweaking, particularly changing the app’s home screen by adding and removing categories. Finally, for those with smaller Android phones and find it difficult to read the news, you can always change the app’s font size. BBC News for Android is available now as a free download from the Android Marketplace.  

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