Beat Hazard Ultra is an intense music driven arcade shooter

For those of you who are looking for something new to play on your Android devices, we recommend checking out this new game, Beat Hazard Ultra. The game developer describes the game as an intense music driven arcade shooter. By that it means that you’ll experience your music collection in your Android devices as never before through this game. That’s because Beat Hazard Ultra feature a gameplay powered by your music. Beat Hazard Ultra is a space shooter game, a twin-stick type of shooter. But as you play the game you’ll realize that there’s something peculiar about this game. For instance if you choose to play it with a fast-beat song loaded in your device, you’ll notice that the levels become more difficult and now has a faster pace. Load up a slow song and the levels slows down a bit and becomes easier to beat. You know why it’s like that? That’s because the game level adjust to the song that is currently playing on your device. Aside from the music loaded on your device, the game is also loaded with several tracks that you can play along with. In short, the game creates game levels based on your music collection. Beat Hazard Ultra also has simple 1 stick mode if you’re new to the game and two-stick mode if you’re an advanced player. Beat Hazard Ultra is available now as a free download from Google Play. There’s a full version which will let you play with all of your music on your Android device, play with Internet music, and Boss Rush, Survival and Chill Out game modes, and rank up and unlock 32 perks.  

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