Become a Master Shrimp Peeler with BubaBoy for Android

Buba is just a man… a man who loves easting shrimp that is. BubaBoy is a funky new Android game from Isbut Interactive that puts you to work peeling shrimp. Can you help BubaBoy work his way through hundreds of shrimp and is it even worth it? Read on to find out… BubaBoy is all about eatin’ shrimp, so if you have Ostraconophobia or you’re with PETA you may want to skip this one lol. You’ll peel those tasty shrimp by using your finger to drag one piece away at a time; you’ll have to strip the shrimp bare by removing its outer layer, head tail, and feet to advance to the next shrimp. BubaBoy has three modes of play to test your shrimp peeling prowess with Story, Arcade, and Speed Mode. Arcade mode lets you peel shrimp against the clock while Speed mode lets you see how fast your fingers are. Story Mode is the heart of the game though as it allows you to go from restaurant to restaurant peeling shrimp at some of the finest places in town. There are 8 different restaurants to east at, and if you make it through them all you’ll get to the coveted golden prawn.


BubaBoy is definitely a different kind of game, and quite possibly the first shrimp peeling game in existence. The folks at Isbut Interactive have done a fine job on the game; the graphics are fun and the shrimp peeling experience is top-notch. If you’re ready to peel a few prawns you can checkout BubaBoy on Google Play for free.  

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