Beejive Releases its Expensive Android App, $9.99 to Mobile Chat

What’s the most expensive apps that you have installed on your Android phone so far? Are you willing to spend $9.99 to have an Android app that lets you access all your IM clients into a single app? If you do, well you might want to check out BeejiveIM which was just released into the Android Marketplace. This Android app supports major IM clients such as GoogleTalk, Facebook Chat, ICQ,  Jabber, MSN/Windows Live, Yahoo Messenger, and MySpace. As a service to you, our dear Android-Apps readers, here’s a quick rundown of the BeejiveIM Android app’s set of features. Read them and decide carefully whether you’d be willing to spend $10 for an Android IM app. Reliable connectivity – key point is here is the fact that the BeejiveIM app for Android will make sure that you’re always reconnected automatically when your data service is disrupted. Most Android IM apps will probably have this feature since it’s pretty standard for mobile IM apps. Support for all major clients – unless you have several accounts on various IM clients, this feature won’t be of important to you. And yes, most Android IM apps also have this feature although very few support all the major IM clients. Cost-effectiveness – Of course, if you need to communicate via mobile most of the time and you do it through SMS, IM app like BeejiveIM is better and will save you more data consumption. Plus the fact that you’d be able to immediately see who is online among your chat buddies. But if you need to really send an important SMS, BeejiveIM lets you do that as well. Photo and video transfer – the allows you to transfer photos and videos directly within the IM chat window True personalisation – the app lets you set custom messages, set statuses, change your privacy settings and other standard IM client personalisation features. Voice notes – lets you add voice note even while on the go Push ready – the app will support Google Labs’ Cloud to Device Messaging Framework. So there you go. What do you think? Are those features worthy of your $10? If yes, then go ahead and search for BeejiveIM from the Android Marketplace. If no, you can check out other less expensive if not free IM apps for Android.

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