Snoopy Street Fair Several weeks ago we talked about Snoopy’s Street Fair coming to Android, and a few days ago Beeline Interactive gave the game a wide release. It’s a building game set in the world of the Peanuts, and it’s a marvelous game if you’re a fan of Snoopy and the gang.Screenshot_2013-05-10-17-29-28 Snoopy and Charlie Brown need your help as the gang has a baseball tournament to play, and need new uniforms. This is where you come in as you’ll try to help the gang get new uniforms by raising money in a street fair. Snoopy’s Street Fair follows uses the “build & wait” formula that you should be well aware of if you play building games. There are tasks to complete, comic strips to collect, mini-games, and lots of things to build. If you’re a fan of the comic strip, you’ll definitely see a lot of familiar faces and places. Beeline has done a great job with the world of the Peanuts, and all your favorites make an appearance including Linus, Sally, Lucy, and Charlie Brown of course. There are a lot of lesser known characters as well like Maynard, Shermy, and Lydia. As cool as Snoopy’s Street Fair is, there are in-app purchases and there are no “free” coins or bucks available. There are also no cheap $0.99 coin packages available which is a downer, and not a smart move considering people are more likely to drop one dollar instead of five which is the minimum IAP amount.Screenshot_2013-05-10-17-51-11 Snoopy’s Street Fair is a sight to behold if you’re a Peanuts fan. While the game does take a build and wait approach, the coins constantly roll in and it’s fun watching the characters stroll through the streets interacting with things. As a fan, I’ll admit it was awesome to see Snoopy do his happy dance, and I can’t wait until I get enough dough to buy Pigpen and some of the more high-end items like the Snow Cone Cart. Still not sure how “grindy” the game is going to get, but we’ll let you know in a week when we revisit the game. If you’d like to give it a go, Snoopy’s Street Fair is free to download on Google Play.

Snoopy’s Street Fair

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