Behind the Cube: 22cans Curiosity Cube has been Cracked

curiosityThat was quick. Yesterday we told you that the Curiosity Cube only had 5 layers left, and early this morning the last layer fell away, and a winner was finally crowned as conqueror of the cube. 22cans Curiosity is over, and the big prize is…cube1You get to be the “God” in Godus, 22cans upcoming God game. That’s right, you will decide the rules of the game, and you’ll get a cut of the profits from the game. Anytime someone spends money via the in-app purchasing setup in Godus you’ll get some of that cash which could turn out to be quite a lot depending on how Godus pans out. Peter Molyneux also mentions the power to introduce “morals” into the game which sounds interesting to say the least. The lucky winner person who cracked the Curiosity Cube is Brian Henderson from Edinburgh in the UK. While we weren’t sure how life altering the prize would be, it’s pretty impressive if you’re a gamer. Populous was a huge success, and Godus should be just as popular so the “rewards” could really stack up. As things start to settle down, I’m sure we’ll hear more about how being a God in Godus will play out. Curiosity may be over, but it’s broadcasting live tweets at the moment if you want to hear what others are saying about the Curiosity Cube. If you want to see the winning announcement, just check out the video below.

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