Behind the Cube: Day 10 with 22cans Curiosity

Peter Molyneux’s brainchild Curiosity turned 10 days old day today, and with that in mind we thought it was time to go back and revisit the mysterious cube. Gamers are peeling back layers like the skin of an onion, but the real question is do the servers still stink? As most of you know Curiosity has been plagued by launch issues and most of those are due to the servers not being able to handle the load. A few days back 22cans issued an update that was supposed to fix the server issues and re-open the store for those of us who couldn’t access it. I’ve been toying around with the cube on and off since the updates since and I’m happy to report that almost everything seems to be working now including the Facebook login. The cube is definitely updating itself a lot faster as well; last week it seemed like I was the only one playing at time while this week I can see blocks vanishing beside mine. I did have an issue paying for stat updates and buying firecrackers though… it was basically hit and miss. The screenshots above are a great example of what you can find in the cube. The first set of screen shots shows 2 of the last layers I helped remove, and the last screen is where the curb currently sits at the time of this writing. The difference between the stained glass shot and the last screen shot is about 10-12 hours. Life move fast on the cube… Curiosity is still a curious little game and the layers are slowly starting to fall away as people tap away day after day. Over the past few days I’ve seen artwork and stained glass windows revealed, but we still have no idea how close we are to the center. Currently we’re at 13 layers removed and the cube is only 10 days old so it will be interesting to see how big this game actually is and just how curious people will be 3 weeks from now. Either way we’ll keep you updated so check back next week if you’re curious about the cube.

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