Behind the Cube: Day 149 with 22cans Curiosity

curiosity-android The curious little game known as 22cans Curiosity is now on day 149, and we’re back with another edition of Behind the Cube. It’s been around a month since we covered the Cube, and not much has changed although the backer images are still rolling out as each layer is removed.curiosity.cube-1 The cube has had 246 layers removed thus far and we don’t seem to be any closer to the end of the experiment. People are still tapping though, and I think the pictures add a neat new dimension to the game as there are four smaller pics per side instead of one large picture. This makes uncovering someone (or something) a bit more fun although it’s not something that’s going to make people flock to 22cans Curiosity for the first time. curiosity cube Another interesting thing is a new message that seemed to appear around 2 weeks ago. It simple says “Waking Up” which is actually pretty damned interesting considering we have no idea what lies inside the cube. If something is actually waking up inside the Cube my guess is it’s a Ligra or Gary Busey. My money’s on Gary considering Busey stands for “Better Understanding Signals Excessive Yodeling”. There’s a Buseyism for ya’… 22cans Curiosity may not be the mind bending experience some of us thought it would be, but it’s an interesting “experiment” nonetheless. I’m still not tapping away like I did at first, but I do check in every few days and add to my coin total. Golden Badgers are fun and all, but I still want that Diamond Chisel. We’ll check back in on the cube in a few weeks to see if anything’s changed or if we’re still seeing random faces, avatars, and pets.



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