Behind The Cube: Day 195 with 22cans Curiosity Cube

Curiosity AndroidA few weeks ago we talked about 22cans Curiosity coming to an end as Peter Molyneux  and the gang decided to cut the Curiosity cube down to a meager 50 layers. They also threw in a few new IAP’s, and since the announcement a few interesting things have happened.curiosity.update-1There was a pretty big bump in traffic on the cube once 22cans let people know there was only 50 layers to go, but that seems to have slowed down a bit over the past week. If I had to guess, I’d say that a lot of those taps were coming from curious newcomers while the rest came from people that occasionally play around on the Curiosity cube. I haven’t paid to look at the overall stats in a while, but I have noticed several people have paid to add cubelets onto the cube when I’ve been online tapping. The big countdown clock on the Curiosity cube has been ticking away since the update, and we’ve seen countless faces come and go across the cube. I’ll admit, I have only checked in a few times a week since our last update, and things appear to be slowing down. I’ve witnessed the numbers on the cube drop from 18 to 16 over the past several days. The floating countdown clock in the background seems to be going up though as it’s gone from 12 to 11 days in the past 24-36 hours. curiosity.cubeEven with a bit of a slowdown, our time on the Cube seems to be coming to a close. Within a few weeks,  one lucky person will win the ultimate prize, and the rest of us will finally get to see what it is. We’ll keep you updated as we get closer to the big reveal.


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