Behind the Cube: Only 5 layers left on 22cans Curiosity Cube

Curiosity.AndroidCuriosity is finally coming to a close. Last week when we covered the Curiosity Cube it had around 16 layers, and as of this afternoon we’re down to only 5. Someone should crack the cube in the next few days or possibly sooner depending on how curious people get…Screenshot_2013-05-25-15-41-36The countdown clock is gone although we’re not sure when it vanished. It’s been replaced with a simple scrolling message that says, “5 layers to go”. The Curiosity Cube is currently comprised of what looks to be thousands of small portraits, and has a large number on each side as shown in the screenshot above. The pictures were there yesterday as well along with a few cryptic messages. Yesterday we learned that Janelle Seabock cleared layer 304 through a message that constantly ran on the cube. The other message simply said, “The Cube will keep you Safe”. A little bit creepy, but interesting nonetheless. Today’s messages go the same route as there’s a normal one that says, “Unite the world, solve the mystery” while the creepy one reads, “I can hear you coming”. Intriguing…Screenshot_2013-05-24-15-46-49If I had to take a guess I’d say the cube will be cracked by tomorrow night or Monday at the latest as I’ve seen 2-3 layers roll off in a day before. We still have no idea what lies inside the Curiosity Cube, but we’ll find out soon enough. Curiosity   (UPDATE) – The cube has been cracked! It happened sometime early this morning, and our last Curiosity Cube update is live. Hit this link and find out what the “ultimate prize” is and how won it.

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