Before we nerded out with console games a lot of us nerded out with D&D games using a pen and paper. Knights of Pen and Paper is a new Android game from Behold Studios that takes us back to those days of old and puts an interesting spin on it for the new generation RPG players. The Knights of Pen and Paper is a turn-based RPG game that’s old school for more than one reason. Besides the fact that you get to play a turn-based RPG campaign complete with “rolls” the developers used pixel art for the game which is really the only way to go for a game like this. You get to control up to 5 characters (17 in all) as well as the dungeon master which means you get to choose your battles and reap the rewards. The Knights of Pen and Paper offers up over 100 quests, 50 monsters and a slew of gear and treasure to go along with 2 different campaign with more coming soon. As you can see from the screens the dev’s also wanted the game to have a sense of humor which is why I was able to create E.T. as a Paladin. I tested the 15 minute refund window on this one this morning and needless to say I missed the window when I got sucked into the game. There’s a lot more to Knights of Pen & Paper than we’ve covered here, and it you’re into old-school RPG’s you’ll definitely want to give it a look. Currently there is no demo to try, but the full version can be all yours for only $1.99.

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