Best Live Wallpapers of March 2011

Everyone likes to spice up thier home screen, and Live Wallpapers are a great way to do it. Here are some of the best Live Wallpapers from March…

1. 3d Skyrocket

I didn’t think I would find a cooler live wallpaper that Inferno Galaxy last month, but then I found this one. With 3d skyrocket, you’ll get a virtual fireworks show on your phone. It looked outstanding on my phone, and with the settings cranked all the way up…it looked even better. There are a lot of complaints in the market about people having issues running this app.  I ran it on my Captivate, and it worked flawlessly. Even on the highest settings I had no problems at all. There is a pro version which is ad free.

2. Inferno Galaxy

It’s one of four new live wallpapers in the Maxelus Galaxy Tetralogy. This one’s entitled “Inferno Galaxy,” and it’s awesome. It runs smoothly on my Captivate, and I didn’t experience any hangups. Did I mention that it looks awesome?

3. Sakura Falling Live Wallpaper

I’m not much for flowers, but this wallpaper looks great. The Sakura flowers fall slowly and the screen is interactive. When you touch the screen the “breeze” disrupts the falling flowers. There are also a few settings. You can change the quantity and speed of the Sakura Flowers.

4. Gravitron Lite

This one is a “particle based” live wallpaper. With the free version, you will get four different presets such as Bokeh, Patriot, and North Pole. You can also change the background color, as well as the size and shape of the particles themselves. The paid version gives you 10 presets, along with several other features.

5. Crazy Colors

One more from, this one is a bit different from the rest. You can actually set your own colors or choose from predefined themes. When you touch and move your finger on the screen, the colors react. This is my personal favorite from the Maxelus team. You actually get some settings to tweak, and it’s looks great.

6. Dusty Live Wallpaper

Dusty live Wallpaper brings you a layered 2D animation of dust particles that float down your screen. You can customize the color and transparency along with the size of the particles. The frame rate is adjustable as well for smoother animation. It is in the “beta” stage, so it may not run properly on all devices.

7. Zen Garden Live Wallpaper

This Live Wallpaper lets you have your own personal Zen Garden on your phone. You can interact with this one (major plus), by moving rocks and bamboo around. You can also trace your finger through the sand to make your own peaceful designs.

8. Ice Galaxy

Ice Galaxy is the second of four new live wallpapers in the Maxelus Galaxy Tetralogy. This one’s just as great as the rest. Same as Inferno Galaxy, but with an Ice theme.

9. Vortex Galaxy

This is the 3rd live wallpaper from the Maxelus Galaxy Tetralogy. Yes, they have 4  live wallpapers on the list.  This one is similar or Ice and Inferno, but with a colorful look. No settings to fool with though.

10. Blooming Night Live Wallpaper

Put out by Xllusion, this live wallpaper has lots of options. You can change the color of the theme, the flower color, and moon positon. You can also turn off the flying birds, add the “seed” effect, and enable a parallax effect. There is also a pro version that offers more features.

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