Betcade to Launch Android Gambling App Store in the UK

We live in an age where apps seem to make the world go round. If you’re an Android mobile user then you know the frustration of coming second when it comes Apple and new apps. One market that not only caters to iOS but also the Android format is online gambling. Most operators have mobile friendly websites allowing players to access the games with ease directly from a browser but there’s nothing like the one click convenience of an app. A company called Betcade, headed by CEO David Chang and CTO Trevor Fiatal, is putting the Android device first when it comes to the realm of online casino apps.

The news recently broke about new company Betcade and its plans to launch a dedicated Android app store, the first of its kind, for real money gambling purposes in the UK. The launch, planned for July 2016, is already gaining traction with mobile gamblers highly anticipating the release.


The company is described as:

“Launching in July 2016, Betcade is the first dedicated Android app store for the gaming industry and the premier destination for players to discover, download and manage the best gaming apps. Betcade provides a trusted and secure branded app store that makes it easy for operators to distribute and promote their real money gaming apps, and for players to discover, download and play all of the games they love. Once players install Betcade and download their favorite real-money apps, management, updates and deposits are seamless.

“Founded to create the first Android ecosystem specifically for gaming, Betcade’s executive team has deep roots in gaming and mobile industries. The company is privately held with offices in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.”

This is truly a breakthrough for the online gambling sector. Betcade’s product will instantly become the standard for Android mobile punters. It will be your one stop shop to cover all your betting needs.

So what is it exactly? The Betcade Android app store is designed to resemble what mobile users have become accustomed to with Google Play. Registration may be done using ID’s from Facebook, Twitter, Google or even your phone number. The process of downloading and purchasing apps is seamless via Betcade. At the moment, mobile users must search the app stores for gambling related apps and scroll through various results, which tend to include both social free play and real money apps. With a onetime download, one of these issues is immediately resolved as Betcade is dedicated to real money gambling apps only. No more weeding through Facebook free play apps as we often find ourselves doing.

Taking the ease of use even further, Betcade allows users to search for gambling apps based on the type of games they desire. For example, if you’re in the market for an online casino, bingo, poker, slots or sportsbook app, the results are categorized by type and also allow the selection of featured and new apps.

Betcade is heading to the UK in initial launch and it’s worth mentioning yet another key aspect of the app store. Many real money gambling related apps are not allowed to be featured in Google Play. In fact, it is these restrictions that often made it impossible to locate such apps. Without these restrictions, Betcade will be able to present the hottest new and existing apps all in one convenient location.

While Apple mobile users can locate real money gaming apps, certain rules imposed by the company don’t enable search rankings. You’ll be scrolling through results for days as many of the real money apps are often buried. Again, Betcade is putting Android device users first with its app store by returning accurate results based on rankings.

We now come to the payment process. The look and feel of Betcade is so familiar to what you are used to in your standard app stores. You’ll have the ability to register payment details and begin downloading a variety of gambling apps directly from the store. Once downloaded, users will have the option to open the app straight away as you do with Google Play. The registered card details securely carry over into the gambling app making deposits quick and easy. This is also a plus for operators interested in being featured in the store since payment details are collected upon Betcade registration making conversion easier.

UK residents will catch the first glimpse of Betcade in July 2016 and hopefully it won’t be long before it revolutionizes the mobile gambling experience for Android users across the globe.


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