Beware of Android Apps Containing Malware Used To Mine Crytpocurrencies


Android Apps Containing Malware

According to Trend Micro, a Cyber Security company, millions of Android apps were downloaded, containing malware used to mine virtual coins, such as Dogecoin, Casinocoin and Litecoin.

Some of those apps were actually downloaded from the Google Play Store and they contained a hidden mining code inside; when installed, the apps started the mining process, draining the smartphone’s battery very fast, according to experts. And obviously, they also use your Internet connection, being capable of eating up a monthly data allowance in just a few days.

Most of the infested apps were found on non official websites, but at least two of them, namely Songs and Prized, are still to be found in the Google’s Play Store. To get an idea, the Songs app has been downloaded over a million times.

The hacked Android apps are used by the virtual thieves in order to acquire computing power, using your smartphone’s processors. Computing power is the name of the game, when it comes to mining virtual coins. Basically, the more computing power one has, the more coins he can acquire.

According to Trend Micro’s researcher Veo Zhang, using smartphones for mining virtual currencies was rather odd, because a smartphone doesn’t provide sufficient performance to serve as an effective mining tool for crytpo currencies.

Also, the cyrpto coin mining code inside the app was pretty simplistic in nature, using as much power as possible and hence draining the phone’s battery very quickly.

Google Warned About Booby Trapped Apps

Google’s Android security department  was noticed about the booby trapped Android apps, but they had no comment regarding the issue.

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