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Billygoat Entertainment drops the Grabbers Movie game for Android

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I’m a sucker for movie related games and Grabbers from Billygoat Entertainment is the latest Android Game to “grab” my attention. If you haven’t heard of the Grabbers movie the Android game will definitely give you a glimpse into it’s creepy world. Grabbers takes place in Mahers Tavern where your job is to keep the place safe from otherworldly creatures. The Grabbers appear to be some sort of alien that looks like a hybrid of the creature from Tremors & Aliens… basically it’s bad news and not something you want to deal with. You’ll take control of one of the characters from the movie and go on a monster bashing rampage as you try to defend the pub while keeping your face intact. Yup, the Grabbers can grab ahold of your face which doesn’t sound the least bit pleasant. As for the gameplay you’ll use a dual-joystick setup to go around and whack the creatures from a first-person point of view. I have no clue about the levels or layout though as the market description is sparse and unfortunately my device isn’t compatible as of yet. Grabbers looks to be a fun little first-person romp through an Irish pub full of face huggers, and if it’s half as good as Billygoat’s other game CRC Pro-Cycling you’ll be in for a good time. As mentioned, I haven’t had a chance to play this one due to compatibility issues, but it’s free to download on Google Play if you want to give it a shot. You can see a bit more with the game’s trailer below, and if you’re curious about the movie you can hit the trailer link to check it out. Grabbers for Android